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Ok, So That Was a Bust

so, i was going to pull my reading challenge page from my tumblr to here, but... that didn't quite work since, for some strange reason, no matter what box was last it would completely bork the whole entry. i'll add it, eventually, but i'll need to completely write it from scratch. this entry may or may not be a placeholder for the future. right now, i'm just not sure if i want to expend the energy to do it considering this whole week will probably be very busy for me in regard to my mother.

those of you just joining my crazy ride and well, just everyone that subscribes to me since i did not really inform anyone here--well [personal profile] randombastary might be aware since we follow each other on facebook--about... three weeks ago now this thursday, my mom tripped and fell in our garage. the result, since she's getting on in years and has osteopenia (i think i spelled that correctly?), is a fractured, compressed vertebrae (T11, specifically). however, the good news is that she is having surgery this friday. the procedure is called kypoplasty (kyphoplasty? i hope i spelled that correctly, too! XD) and basically involves two minor incisions, the insertion of tubes, the blowing up of balloons, and the injection of surgical cement. in short, once she wakes up, she'll be pain-free! \o/
I'm sharing this because I'm tired of seeing a good show go down before it's time. I'M LOOKING AT YOU SANCTUARY AND SGU!

Negative Nancy? Possibly.

lately i feel that when i talk to certain people i do nothing but complain and i worry that i've become a Negative Nancy. granted, a lot of these complaints are related to role-play and rpgs and when you've got a group of people together in a creative setting, creative differences will always rear it's head. it's inevitable. i don't know, i think somewhere along the way i unknowingly got elitist or i finally got tired of all the little quirks of the group i had RP'd with for over 10 years. then again, there is also the possibility that my interests changed in what i wanted to RP versus what the rest of the group wanted to RP. i could also just be making excuses. whatever the reason, i feel like i've become a Complainer and a Negative Nancy and that i'm bringing people down. in essence, this is how i've been feeling and that by writing it i can try not to be so negative?

apparently my reading challenge widget does not update on it's own (lamesauce!) so i finally updated it. but, um... i'm like 6 books behind. XD


Dear Random Guy With the Snow Thrower,

 Even though you did my neighbors yard (which I assume you drove all the way over to her house to do), thank you, thank you, thank you for offering to do the rest of the snow I was pathetically shoveling on my driveway. Your parents raised you well and I will be eternally grateful to you for allowing my poor arms a break.



 So, I haven't posted in forever but I think we've established that I go through phases of where I post a lot of shit and then tend to hibernate when it comes to blogging. Yes? Yes. Be that as it may, I've got stuff on my mind that extends beyond a mere 140 characters and such.

Ripper Street -- I was, admittedly, both extremely excited and extremely reluctant to get into this show at first. The excitement came from it strictly being another Victorian set universe to watch every week and let's face it, who's not a little bit fascinated with the during and after of Jack the Ripper? It's very, very interesting to see just how much the Ripper influenced crime after his disappearance. Every extremely grotesque or brutal crime, they police and the populace of Whitechapel would freak out that he was back, or in the case of the one crazy bloke, the criminals wanted to do more than even Jack did and leave their names down in history. But, speaking of Whitechapel...

Whitechapel -- Does anyone know if this is coming back to BBC America? If so, another series on the network that I always look forward to. Aaaand, it may or may not be due to the attractive male lead. *shifty eyes* What? Don't judge me!

Copper -- Keeping up with the somewhat Victorian themed post so far, filming of series 2 started this week and that makes me mucho excited for the summer. I can't wait to see my Corky back on my TV screen in new episodes (for the time being I am tiding myself over with the Blu-ray of series 1 and watching Ripper Street) later this year! X3 I'm also glad to say that my reluctance to watch Ripper Street, btw, was pleasantly booted aside since I was afraid the two shows would be very similar, but after seeing a few of the episodes I'm relieved to say they aren't. I was also afraid I might end up liking Ripper Street more, but Copper I find to be the better show and I hope it keeps delivering whatever it is that makes so awesome in the new season.

Spies of Warsaw -- BBC America has been cleverly throwing commercials out for this since the tail-end up summer last year and I have to admit that I'm really intrigued! Plus, what's not to like with David Tennant in it? XP

Well, that's that. Over and out! *salutes*

So, About Those Grimm Books ...

 According to this blurb, Grimm will have it's own comicbook and graphic novel series. Not quite what I wanted, but I'll take it until real novels start being published. :P

LOOK! Look at this perfection! ♥

I'll just be using a bucket to drool in. Over in this corner. KTHXBAI.

And lets all appreciate Vronsky's 'stache cuz he be pimpin' (IDK, I JUST LIKE IT OK?)

Just a few Pixlr collages I did with the most recent magazine/editoral spreads. These were originally posted to Tumblr. Images come from Aaron Johnson Source > Bullet Magazine > Esquire UK.

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Copper: Wallpapers, Part II

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