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Damn You, Game of Thrones!

Maaan, this season has been fantastic so far! But this episode, which was written by the man himself, George R.R. Martin, wanted to make me scream in some places not because it was terrible--it SO was not!--but because of my reaction to a few things.

Tywin Lannister -- That jerk Martin finally got me to like more of the Lannisters. Why? Because I like anyone that puts that sadistic little prick, Joffrey, in his place and Tywin did it with such finesse that I wanted to fucking applaud him as he walked away. Damn it, Martin! Damn it! I only wanted to like Tyrion! And speaking of...

Tyrion Lannister -- It pains me that he, Sansa, and Shae are in this Hella Uncomfortable Situation. None of them asked for it, but at least 2/3 of the trio are handling it with some grace and aplomb. Honestly, I think Shae needs a tiny tap upside the head if she knows what's good for her. If she keeps throwing a temper tantrum, someone is bound to start noticing her reaction to the news of Tyrion and Sansa and do something about her.

Robb/Talisa -- Ugh, these two are so freakin' adorable it hurts. Which scares me because knowing Martin and the Westeros universe, they'll probably get killed off and I'm like, "NUUU, MY BB'S!" I have a feeling it's soon and something to do with this "Red Wedding" I keep hearing about on Tumblr.

Jon/Ygritte -- I want to hop on this bandwagon so bad, but I keep hesitating because of Ygritte. I understand she had to make her barbs at him in the second season because she was trying to get a rise out of Jon to get away and get back with her Wildling buddies, but now... They have these moments where it's like, "Ok, yeah, I like this," but then she'll turn around and basically poke fun/insult his entire life. This pains me because every barb she digs into him, you can see it on Jon's face how much it hurts him, especially when she talks specifically of Winterfell. I get angry when this happens because she's basically demanded that he trust her and not betray her and I'm like, bitch! How do you expect him to do any of that when you treat him the way you do? I don't trust her and I don't think Jon should, so I'm wondering if there is something that's known in the books that just hasn't crossed over well onto the TV series.

I have more to write, but time constrains are preventing me from writing out the rest. If I have time later, I'll either add to this point or just make a "part two."

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